We Act with Integrity & Respect.

Investigation & Verifications

Diamond security holds a reputability and specialist in the Industry to perform duties of the investigation & verification needs of the customers. Diamond security has an exceedingly expert and all around prepared investigative group that is equipped for undertaking all examination and inquiry tasks and counseling touchy insight under strict classification. We understand recruiting is a time-consuming process. Diamond Security offers a complete employ screening and background verification service to enable customers to screen candidates.

Film Set Security Management Services

We consider important the obligation of guaranteeing that your equipment, facilities, cast, and team are protected and secure. We can tailor an assurance bundle for a formal or more watchful security presence at your production area.

Parking Management Services

Offers Parking Management Service to build and give most extreme consistency, security and comfort to meet the requirements of access control. Our parking management services are particularly intended to handle airport, shopping centers & malls, multi-level car parking and so forth. We offer you any parking services as per your requirement.

Security Guard Services

Our security guard and security officers have grown into one of the zones largest and most productive security suppliers. With our extensive range of customers and industries we serve, our qualified security guard speaks to our customers in the most professional way. With the years of experience and training to our officers have, we can accomplice with the suitable officer and customer.

Industrial Security Services

Diamond Security provides industrialized security services for a varied range of industrial surroundings including industrial plants and facilities, warehouses, delivery centers and construction sites. Industrial sites posture huge difficulties because of the immense amounts of products and the tremendous amounts of space that must be protected. For this reason, Diamond Security services work with our customers to create an extremely noticeable and multifaceted security presence at every site. Complete business security services to protect your assets.

House Protection Services

Make sure your family is safe. Find our house protection security services to support & protect your home. Difficulties can strike anyone, whenever, wherever – even in our own homes and the outcomes can be expressively and monetarily devastating. That is the reason Diamond Security Services can ensure. We give security protection services that are watched throughout the day and throughout the night. We can give you every minute of an everyday harmony of mind realizing that if an identified in-home crisis happens, we will be there to help. When you choose us, you’ll get something beyond security.

Personal Protection Services

More than a personal protection service, you get extensive VIP and personal protection services. Diamond Security have an exceptionally high customer retaining ratio because is just our facility and delivery of proficiency, manage by the Ex-Army, a Navy & Air force & Ex NSG Commando by the most experienced and cherished senior management person.

Celebrity Protection Services

Celebrity Protection Services is one of the excellent duties that diamond Security specializes in. We provide complete protection services to superstars, musical & theater artists, and business & sports professionals, also to private and government officials. This is a widely inclusive approach as it should be, for the Celebrity Protection services has a standout amongst the most troublesome parts in the industry. We are exceedingly able in light of the fact that we lean forward keeping in mind the end goal to never be getting short.

Event Security Management Services

From festivals to private gatherings we can provide Event Security Management Services to any size. Our Event Security Management Services benefit is totally custom fit around your event location. Each of our security services is totally extraordinary as to agree to every individual’s requirements. Each security officer is well trained to ensure your event runs smoothly and is a success.